Lip Gloss

Get glossy with wet n wild's matte & liquid lipsticks, glosses, and lip liners. This trendy collection includes lip glosses in wild colors, including Catsuit liquid lipstick and PacMan retro-colored lip gloss sets. Check out our limited edition Bretman Rock lip gloss for extra-gorgeous shimmer & shine!

Set Descending Direction
  1. Bretman Rock Lip Gloss- Freaky
     NEW! Bretman Rock Lip Gloss- Freaky
  2. Bretman Rock Lip Gloss- Ferocity
     NEW! Bretman Rock Lip Gloss- Ferocity
  3. Mega Last Stained Glass Lip Gloss
     SALE! Mega Last Stained Glass Lip Gloss
    $5.99 Special Price $3.59
  4. PAC-MAN Ghost Gloss- Inky
      PAC-MAN Ghost Gloss- Inky
  5. PAC-MAN Lip Kit
     SALE! PAC-MAN Lip Kit
    $22.99 Special Price $14.94
Set Descending Direction

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