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Star-Spangled Nail Art

Celebrate July 4th with a stars and stripes mani! This easy nail art tutorial will show you how to create a festive DIY look to flaunt your Independence.


What You'll Need:

Red, white, and blue nail polish. We obviously like wet n wild's best-selling Wild Shine Nail Color in Red Red, Bijou Blue, and French White Cream. But that's just because it's the best.


Tape, cut into skinny strips. Tape strips should be only a couple millimeters thick. But hey, it's your life. Do what you want.


A nail dotting tool. If you don't have one at home, you can sub in a bobby pin or toothpick.

Step-by-Step Star Spangled Nails:

Paint each nail red, white, or blue, alternating between colors... Ooh that's nice! Allow the base color to dry completely to avoid smudging that gorgeous long-lasting nail color.


Once your base is in place, tape thin strips over your white nails. Paint over the taped nail with our red-red Wild Shine nail polish, or *sigh* the red nail color of your choice.


Now we spangle! Once your bijou blue nails have dried, use the dotting tool to draw stars with our french white cream Wild Shine nail polish. Decorate with a few extra dots for ~extra fun~ firework-inspired nails!


Voila! (Wow, you really should have made this a mani-pedi...) Time to flash your nails at the fireworks and have a wild time.

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