Halloween Pop Art Makeup

Stand out this Halloween with bang by transforming into a Pow Pop Diva! Our easy pop art makeup tutorial is perfect for a last minute Halloween costume or themed party. Creative and classic, you can't go wrong by adding a pop art effect to any Halloween costume. Yup, you can add pop art vibes to any outfit with Pow Pop eyebrows and eyelashes, plus a black pencil eyeliner! But whether or not you have our Fantasy Makers pop art makeup kit, you can create this easy pop art style using Fantasy Makers stencils and more wet n wild makeup. Wet n wild has everything you need to create the Pow Pop look - now just add the Diva!

Pow - Pop Art Makeup in 9 Easy Steps


To create the base, use the white paint provided in Fantasy Makers Pow Pop Diva Stencil kit palette. Lightly apply the paint to entire face area using your fingers and blend into complexion. Allow paint to dry completely before applying stencils.


Place lower lash shaped stencils from the makeup kit below the eyes to exaggerate pop art look. Stencil can be cut to smaller shapes for easier application.


Apply black paint from the palette over the lower lash stencil with sponge applicator in a dabbing motion. Gently remove stencil to reveal the pop art image.


Select desired brow stencil provided in the Fantasy Makers pow pop diva makeup kit. Place stencil on top of brow and apply black paint using the applicator in a dabbing motion.


Select desired dot stencils and apply to left and right side face areas. We recommend cutting stencils into smaller shapes for easier application. Using the applicator in a dabbing motion, apply the red paint shade to stencils on right side of face and blue paint to the stencils on the left side. Gently remove stencil to reveal design.


Draw a thick line of black eyeliner on top of the upper lash line and wing it out.


Apply a layer of the Fantasy Makers Color Blast mascara in Comic Book to lashes for a fun effect. For even more comic pop, apply Fantasy Makers “Glow in The Dark” false lashes.


Apply Fantasy Makers lipstick in “Hazardous Red” for bold a pop of color.


For finishing touches, draw lines down the side of the nose, Cupid’s bow, chin and neck to create a contoured and enhanced the cartoon pop art look.

Fantasy Makers Halloween Makeup

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