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Contour Brushes

Contour Brushes

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Featuring soft & densely packed bristles, our high-performing and affordable contour brushes make it easy to create a sexy, sculpted look.


Contour Brush


Flawless Face Brush Set

$19.99 Special Price $15.99
Brush up on beauty basicsBrush up on beauty basics

The Best Brushes Used for Contouring

Flat Contour Brush - These fluffy bristles are packed in tight on our flat contour brush work effortlessly with cream and powder makeup for a flawlessly sculpted look. 

Angled Contour Brush - Perfect taking your contouring game to the next level. The angled shape of these bristles makes it easy for beginners to get comfortable shading the hollows of the cheeks.

Contour Brush Sets & More

Upgrade your brush collection! Contour Brushes are included in these best-selling makeup brush sets!


Brush Roll 17 Piece Collection

$29.99 Special Price $19.49

10 Piece Holiday Brush Set

$30.00 Special Price $19.50

10 Piece Pro Brush Set

$54.99 Special Price $35.74
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