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MegaLiner® Liquid Eyeliner
  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Voltage Blue
  • Electric Purple

MegaLiner® Liquid Eyeliner

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High-def pigment and a rich, fluid formula that goes on quick and easy to give you perfectly lined eyes that last. Dries fast and stays put to enhance and dramatically define the eyes. An easy-to-control, flexible brush gives you precise application.
Water/Eau, Propylene Glycol, PVP, Steareth-2, Stearic Acid, Steareth-21, Sodium Polymethacrylate, Glyceryl Stearate, Laureth-21, Phenoxyethanol, Arginine, Caprylyl Glycol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Citric Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hexylene Glycol, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Simethicone, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Citrate, Cellulose Gum, Chlorphenesin, Acrylates Copolymer, PPG-26-Buteth-26, Microcrystalline Cellulose, [+/- (MAY CONTAIN/PEUT CONTENIR): Iron Oxides/CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, Ultramarines/CI 77007, Titanium Dioxide/CI 77891, Mica, Black 2/CI 77266, Carmine/CI 75470, Chromium Oxide Greens/CI 77288, Ferric Ferrocyanide/CI 77510].
  • Formulated with high-definition pigment and a unique blend of polymers
  • Long-lasting, smudgeproof wear

Product reviews

  • Amazing
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  • My go-to!


    I can't believe all of these negative reviews! This liquid liner is by far my favorite, not only because of the price, but the quality is great! I think the applicator is very easy to use and my wings don't move all day. At the end of the day, it washes away so effortlessly. LOVE.

  • Love this, more colors please!


    This is my go-to liner, even beyond my higher-end liners. I'm a winged-liner-every-day kind of girl, and this is honestly fantastic. One line for application is MORE than enough. No need to re-line to get the most pigmented shade, which I can't stand with other liners. Stays on all day, comes off easily with your standard makeup remover!

    My only hangup is that the felt tip for the liner can get a little wonky and start to break, but considering this liner costs less than a cup of coffee I'll let it slide.

  • Love



  • Love It!!!!!!


    This eyeliner is perfect for doing cat eyes or (wings). I picked this up at the drug store a couple months ago and ran out, I could neverfind it anywhere else but when i saw it on there website I was so excited. Not patchy or streaky like most low end makeup products and is very cheap.

  • I want the old look and formula back!


    I am not a person to complain. However, I have been using this eye liner since I was in the 8th grade, so for about 7 years now, and I absolutely hate that they changed the liquid liner brush to a felt tip. As far as the new formula goes, it runs down my eye with even the slightest bit of moisture or humidity, NOT smudge proof compared to the old formula. I LOVED the old liner and am VERY disappointed with this change. I'm sad to say, that after 7 years I will have to stray away from wet n' wild eye liner :(

  • Amazing


    I don't ever usually sit down and write reviews for anything, really. At first i didn't know that there was a formula before this. Anyway, I always am looking for steals on low priced makeup, because it's really expensive. I bought mine at a Bi-Mart in our town, and there's a very reasonable makeup section there. Usually has everything I need and I have been very satisfied with Wet N' Wild brand and products, but the price is always affordable and the quality is great. I was in a hurry looking for eyeliner, and I found this. Dries fast, doesn't smudge or crack, and stays on all day long. I usually do wings so this product is great for that, but is also great for other looks. I u have only purchased one so far, and it's had enough in the small bottle to last me almost a month and a half. I am planning to buy the colored versions because I have caught my eye on great looks. I can by almost 3 whole bottles with a five. BEst eyeliner ever, with the best price, very satisfied.

  • Super Pigmented, Lasts ALL DAY


    While switching over to cruelty-free makeup, I was searching for a cheap, non-waterproof, black liquid eyeliner for an everyday kind of wear and found this. At first I was hesitant about buying this liner because of other people's opinion on this, but I'm SO HAPPY I decided to buy this. This is definitely my new go to eyeliner for everyday, casual use. It's super black, and stays on all day. I have found that it doesn't smudge too easily, since I once napped in it and when I woke up it still looked as fresh as it did when i applied it that morning. Definitely recommend as a cheap black eyeliner for everyday use!

  • Devastated


    I am devastated by this new liquid eyeliner. It is no where near as good as the original. I was so sad when I found out the original one had been discontinued. I was a devoted customer and used it exclusively for years and years. I planned on using it forever. When the replacement came out I gave it a shot and was SO disappointed. It is not as pigmented of a black as before and doesn't last as well. It does not look good. I've tried a ton of different brands now and still cannot find anything near as great as the original product. I miss it so much! Please bring it back!



    Why would you ruin a good thing? I had been using the megaliner liquid eyeliner 861 for I'm pretty sure a decade now. I would by 6-10 at a time and be stocked up and happy. Even gave a couple away to friends who adored my perfect cat-eyes. And then I go to the store and buy this abomination. The formula doesn't stay, the felt tip is tragic. I'm beyond dissapointed.. I hope you go back to the original. In the meantime I'm off to find a better eyeliner. #heartbroken



    The old formula was waaaaaay better than this new one. I loved everything about the old one, brush applicator, pigmentation, lasting effect etc? This is the exact opposite and please do not discontinue the old :((((

  • Why change a very good product into something very bad ?


    It's not just the look of this product that has changed but also the formula.

    The original product had a matte finish, very opaque, dried quickly and had a fairly accurate and easy brush use.
    The new formula is not opaque at all, hardly dry, keeps a shiny finish who do not stay at all throughout the day. The applicator is not practical at all, it leaves marks.

    Why change a product that worked very well and everyone enjoyed, in something very bad?

    I had bought three of them with the new formula, but I'll have to sell them because it doesn't suit me at all!

    Can you please resale the original one ?!

  • Smudges,does not cover as well and the brush is no longer bristles, but sponge.


    I loved your original product, the brush gave me complete control over the amount of liner on my eyes. I cannot control the amount of liner with the sponge even though it is thin. Please go back to the brush it took me years to find a liner that was magnificent in the colors I needed. I have green eyes and always used the green shade to enhance my eyes. Additionally when I apply the new formula it smudges right away. Please make the original formula available, and return to a green shade as well with a brush.
    Thank you for your consideration. I loved using your product.
    Janice - 7/23/2016

  • Formula is horrible


    This formula is horrible and not as pigmented as before. Also the felt tip sucks. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD FORMULA AND BRUSH!!

  • GREAT! But not for beginners :(


    I totally LOVE this product. I have been looking forever for a great liquid eyeliner that is easy to apply, cruelty-free, very pigmented, long lasting, and super affordable. This eyeliner is exactly what I am looking for. Just a few days ago I was going to an event during the morning and then went shopping with my family for the rest of the day-I have a habit of touching my eyes a lot (plus my eyes are very oily)- after 14 hours of wear, the eyeliner was completely there, no smudges, no flaking, NOTHING, it was all still there. However, the only problem I can tell with this eyeliner is, that it is not the best for beginners. I find that this type of applicator is favorable to those who have more experience with eyeliner; therefore, I find that it is not for beginners. Overall though, I love this product.



    I dont understand why you would change the formula the new one is horrible! I never had a problem with my liner smearing, rubbing off, application issues none of that. But now such disappointing results time after time! I tested it for two weeks to give the new formula a chance even going so far as to using primer before application and still dissatisfaction. I hope you reconsider the mistake you made in changing the formula because i always thought the saying goes "IF SOMETHING AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT"!! PS..THE ONLY REASON I PUT A STAR IS BECAUSE IT WOULD NOT LET ME POST WITHOUT CLICKING ON IT, SO TO BE HONEST NO STARS!!!

  • Skip It


    I'm a big fan of liquid eyeliners, but this one is a no-go. The felt tip is a failure, and doesn't hold enough product to effectively apply anything. May as well dip a twig into the bottle for all the usefulness it has. The Electric Purple color looked like a lot of fun, too bad I couldn't really try it. Threw away the bottle after one attempt.

  • Solid!


    I know there's been a little change in the formula, but honestly I haven't noticed a difference. If you're having trouble with that I might recommend the h2o proof kind? (although it is a commitment, and not for the faint of heart). Anyway, I LOVE this eyeliner, and I super duper love the new applicator- it's way easier to use than the old brush.

  • Bring the old formula back


    I have sensitive eyes and although the new formula doesn't irritate them, it smudges way more than the other one did. Bring back the old formula please, also the brush on this one is horrible. Thank God I still had the old brush around and replaced it. So disappointed.

  • Totally different colors, not as vibrant


    I don't like the new formula. The colors (volt and purple) are totally different from the old ones, and not better. Also bummed that the teal isn't available anymore. The blue in particular is not as pigmented as the indigo blue, or as rich a color. I'm going to miss the old formula for sure.

  • Update to prior review about not liking new formula


    Okay, so I slammed the new formula in my last review, BUT I do have something nice to say: this new formula does not make my eyes itchy at all, which would sometimes happen with the old one. Maybe I could grow to love the non-irritating new formula if at at last the old applicator brush were brought back!!!

  • Why change a good thing?!


    I used the previous formula of Mega liner for over a decade. Expensive eyeliners didn't even compare. This new formula is lower quality, smudges, rubs off, and the foam brush allows much less control than the fiber brush. I will mourn the loss of the old formula and beg wet N Wild to bring it back.

  • Not good. DO NOT BUY


    So upset Wet n Wild got rid of the original formula. I've been to atleast 5 different cvs and none carry the old product. This new formula does not work as well and definitely DOES SMUDGE. I've been using the original formula since I was 16 and now I am 22 dealing with eyeliner crisis. Why would they discontinue such a good product? Garbage. Do NOT BUY.

  • I say we get the old one back


    I loved the old one it was perfect ive used all higher end products and by far the old formula was the best Liquid eyeliner in the market. I'm so upset to see it be discontinued I say you guys should get the old one back asap!!!!!!

  • New Formula is Terrible


    Whatever new changes were made to the liquid Mega Liner are a total bust. The new formula is gloopy, and the brush applicator was also changed. This new formula and brush are much harder to maneuver, and it's now nearly impossible to get a thin, straight line. It used to be a breeze with the old formula and brush. Maybe I'll get used to this, but I doubt it. I've been wearing liquid eyeliner for decades, and the old formula and old brush made me loyal at first swipe. I even ditched high-end brands in order to become a regular user of (the old) Wet N Wild Mega Liner. Now, it looks like I need to find a new brand again, unless WNW brings back the original brush and formula.



    Terrible found this one everywhere but I can't find the old one anywhere so disappointed and sad haven't done my liner since I ran out of my other one don't even think it deserves 1 star



    I have been looking for the old mega liner at my local drugstores everywhere and there was none. I recently went to target and tried this one with the new formula. It applies very patchy, it is now a felt tip and the applicator is way thicker and the formula takes way longer to dry. The original formula was my favorite, even from high end eyeliners my #1 eyeliner was the original megaliner, please make the option to purchase the old formula too please!

  • Best liquid eyeliner EVER!


    I have tried SO many different liquid eyeliners, from drugstore to high end, and this one is without a doubt my favorite! Easy to apply, super pigmented, very smooth, lasts forever (I've slept in it and woken up looking like I just applied it), and does not transfer from tightline to waterline. Holy grail product!

  • LOVE IT!


    Best eyeliner!!!

  • ugh disappointed


    The original formula was great the best drugstore eyeliner it had a matte look and lasted so long glided so well wouldn't come off even with oily eyelids this new formula has a bit of a shine and its just not the same and it cracks a tiny bit as well and does not last.. just very disappointed please GO BACK TO ORIGINAL FORMULA

  • My favorite liquid liner !!!


    My favorite Liquid Liner!!!



    The original formula and also application was perfection! It was my go-to and product I'd recommend to everyone. I went to the store and had no choice but to buy this and it was such a disappointment. It comes on patchy and the applicator was a little rough on my eye! PLEASE BRING THE ORIGINAL BACK OR AT LEAST MAKE IT AVAILABLE TO BUY. I regret not buying all the ones they had on the shelf if I would've known this was replacing it

  • smudges,transfers and just bad


    i absolutly love the original liner and thought this one would be the same just in a different bottle,sadly the formula is different and its definitely noticeable. i hope they sell the original one in stores instead of this one

  • Eyeliner


    I am very disappointed with the new eyeliner. It seems every time you find a product that works, someone changes it. I have a very hard time finding an eyeliner that is not a felt tip anymore. I really liked the old brush and the price of the old liner. Please make it available again!



    I have been using Wet N Wild's eyeliner for years! It was my favorite. I am so beyond disappointed in the new formula and brush style. It is not smudge proof... not as dark...and doesn't glide on easily like is used to. And they got rid of the brush and it's a felt tip now which isn't half as nice. If I had known they were going to change the formula- I would have stocked up on the old stuff. So upset :( They have lost a longtime customer :(

  • Liquid liner


    Love the liquid eye liner what happened to the green it was my favorite can't find it anymore

  • Very disappointed- will start looking for a different brand


    I have been using this liquid eyeliner for years and years now. I have never found anything that I liked as much as the original Mega Liner. I just bought the new version and am very disappointed with it. The formula is a lot thinner than the old one and takes several coats to get a solid color. I also HATE the brush. I know that the felt tip brushes might seem easier, but I personally don't like the felt tip brushes because I have been using a regular brush for probably 10 years now. From the picture on the box, it looked like it wasn't a felt tip brush, so I was disappointed to discover that it was. Fortunately I have some old bottles of the old formula and I was able to switch out the brush.

    I agree with the other reviews- please bring back the old formula and brush. This was a great product! With the new formula and brush, I feel obligated to look for another brand.

  • It wasn't Broke, Why did you try to fix it?!


    The original formula along with the brush was THE best eyeliner on the market. Affordable, easy to use, long lasting, and high quality, I always got compliments. The new applicator does not glide as easily nor does the new formulation have the same saying power. So disappointed. Please bring back the original.

  • Great Liner


    I like this liner because it's a liquid liner but the applicator is a felt tip so it makes the application process easy because I don't have to deal with stray brush hairs making more liners on my eye than necessary. It also dries super matte which I like

  • Beautiful color, but...


    Here is the issue: The color is beautiful and the brush makes it very easy for a pointy cat eyeliner. But this doesn't last. Like, at all. You touch it and it goes away. Of course, there is no problem if you use an eyeshadow primer underneath, and because that is what I do, I have no difficulty using it, but yeah. This is not a product that you can use on your own, but I am still so in love with it. I guess it depends on what you are looking for: If you want a cheap beautiful color eyeliner, go for it; if you are looking for a practical long lasting eyeliner, you may want to pass.

  • Great product!


    With the tip as fine and pointed as it is, it's a great option for a wing!! At the price, it's a holy grail!

  • best liquid liner i ever used


    i honestly love this liner. it works for me better than other brands. i hope this eyeliner will be around for a very long time.

  • Nice


    Great color stays on well. Wish they would go back to the normal brushes not the felt stuff.

  • Horrible


    Honestly, I'm surprised there is so many good reviews on this eyeliner! I have been using it for a couple months now and it has not impressed me. The applicator comes off with way way too much product on it, which I guess is good because you know you are getting what you paid for. Although it causes the eyeliner to smear all in one spot in your eye and ruin it. Plus I know its not water proof, but it will smug and a TON of the product will come off even if the slightest bit of water is near your eye. I would DEFINITELY not recommend this product to anyone...

  • My Favorite Eyeliner


    I started using this because it was cruelty free and the price was right. It immediately became my all-time favorite eyeliner. I now use Wet 'n Wild makeup exclusively.

  • My absolute favourite eyeliner


    I have been wearing the black eyeliner for quite some time and it is amazing. Not only does it last but it doesn't flake off or require me to do a few coats. It lasts for hours and even stayed on under swim goggles once for an entire hour. Though it's not water proof. Now I just purchased the voltage blue and electric purple and they're amazing. The blue is super bright and it won't come off after touching it with your hands like other brands. The purple is fairly dark but it is nice and you can still very much tell it's purple. I have gottenso many compliments with them and they really make your eyes look good.

  • Favorite


    This is my favorite liner! I tried the Loreal one and it smudged so bad, it was awful. THIS IS THE BEST LINER I HAVE EVER USED.

  • Smudges fast, does not last, not as pigmented as og..


    The new formula is not as pigmented and does not last as long as the original one did. I am so sad that they changed the formula. It is so hard for me to find an eyeliner that works for my eyes, and the original one was the only one I would use. I purchased the new formula to try it out since I loved the original, but was sadly disappointed. Please make the option of purchasing the original formula :(