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Lash-O-Matic Fiber Extension Kit
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Lash-O-Matic Fiber Extension Kit

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Lash-o-Matic Fiber Extension Kit gives you unbelievable length and unreal volume. Proven results with up to 39X more volume! The quick-drying priming and sealing mascara is oh-so-black and the lightweight nylon fibers stay put. This instant lash extension kit gives you the look of false lashes in three easy steps.
Easy to apply in just 3 steps:
  • 1. Prime your lashes with mascara.
  • 2. Build more lashes with incredibly-lengthening, flexible nylon fibers
  • 3. Seal it in again with our mascara that will dry to dramatic results.
  • Product reviews

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    • Fibers don't stick well


      As a former Ulta & Sephora employee, I have tried many brands of fiber mascaras from drugstore to high end.The fibers do not stick well to this mascara. I tried using a different mascara for step one and had better results.

    • Amazing lashes!


      I have the shortest, straightest Asian lashes. They're very resistant to curling, and it's hard to get long lashes without them looking clumpy or spidery. I've tried a fair amount of mascaras both high end and drugstore, and when I say this mascara was the best for me, it really is. The mascara by itself is already very nice, but the fibers can just add even more length and volume - something I definitely need. It doesn't flake or smudge during the day - which is good because I constantly will rub my eyes - and it actually maintains a curl. I really recommend this, and for its price it's amazing.

    • Fabulous!


      THIS product is simply marvelous, especially for the price! It should be more available at retailers, though, TOO. Barbara --10/30/2016-

    • Unbelievable!


      I tried this mascara and absolutely love it! Did not make my eyelashes feel heavy and very affordable! Thanks to you Wet n Wild!

    • Mascara


      The fibers are good. Mascara is ok. Fibers work great with your favorite mascara.



      No other words I have little to no eyelashes so when I stumbled upon this my prayers were answered! This is the first time of me buying this brand so I was a little hesitant. When I applied step 2 (Add the fiber) I got a little freaked out BUUUT the results!!!!! HOLLY MOOOOLLY! OBSSESED. I had to go back to get 2 more just in case they sell out ! TRY TRY TRY!

    • Super


      This really was easy to use and significantly increased the length of my lashes!

    • Amazing


      Looks just like falsies. Gr8 bc i dont like falsies.

    • mascara



    • Lash O Matic


      I love it, works really well

    • Maybe I got a bad tube...


      ..but this duo just didn't change my lashes. I tried the fibers with different mascara, thinking my tube of 1+3 was dry, but it just didn't do anything but take the fiber off of my lashes. I've tried to be quicker, thinking I was somehow letting them dry before getting the fibers on, and it was honestly the same. I did the same routine on both eyes, one with and one without the fibers, and the one without looks longer and more voluminous. 1+3 was an excellent bottom lash mascara for me, though, so 3 stars this duo gets.

    • Beautiful volume and length, however..


      The #1+3 tube (mascara) is AMAZING. It's not too drying but also not super wet. It gives my lashes an instant falsie look. Kinda have to work at my lashes to get them separated but once I'm done applying two coats they look PERFECT. However, the #2 tube (fibers) is pretty pointless. It doesn't do much but make you lashes clumpy and irritate your eyes. Despite the fiber tube being pointless, it's still worth buying for the mascara.

    • Long lashes


      For the price you cant beat it. Very satisfied with this i have bought another fiber lash at 35$ and well this is just as great.

    • Volume but not curl


      The fibers gives super extra volume to the lashes but if you have straight eyelashes just stay away. The formula in the mascara is more on the wet side (if that makes sense) so it doesn't hold the curl at all unless they're naturally curly.

    • Awesome!!


      I never write reviews for anything, but I had to create an account to review this mascara. I have tried many, many fiber mascaras and I have loved the results but hated the wear of them. Every time, it is either messy, with fibers falling on my face, or they get all in my eyes. However, this mascara is WAY cheaper than any other fiber mascaras and yet it does not make a mess or irritate my eyes one bit. It isn't quite as dramatic as others I have used, but it is still better than using mascara (which I have also tried a lot of). Thank you so much Wet N Wild, and please don't ever discontinue this product!! It would also be wonderful if it could be purchased at more places. The nearest Walgreens is an hour from where I live.

    • Great Product


      The first time I used this product my husband asked me if I was wearing false eyelashes.. if that tells you anything. I barely have eyelashes and always have problems finding a good mascara to make my eyelashes look good and I have finally found one. This is EXACTLY like the Younique fiber lash mascara. But at such an affordable price. I will keep buying this and reccomend it to everyone.

    • Powerful Lengthener


      The Step #1 & #3 Tube is where it's at; I am still not sure how I fell about the Step #2 (fabric type substance). However, Step #1 & #3 tube make lashes ultra long.



      It wasn't what I expected it to be. It didn't make my lashes longer and the fiber irritated my eyes. It was barely any mascara in the tube and was messy

    • This is the bomb!


      Good price, just should be more available at retailers. Barb--11-11-2016

    • This really is the one I reach for first!


      You will not be disappointed. Leaves lashes so full. I just love it!!!

    • crazy good


      this is LITERALLY the same thing as other, more expensive, brands.
      *cough* yonique *cough*
      i applied this product to one eye and my $30 mascara to the other eye,
      and no one could tell the difference.

      buy this!

    • This mascara is life!


      Just wanna say that if you have not tried this product your missing out. This stuff is legit amaze balls!!! I've been using it for several months now and I'm in love! Just orders two more! Because it's been a little hard to find in stores