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H2O Proof™ Liquid Eyeliner
  • Black
  • Dark Brown

H2O Proof™ Liquid Eyeliner

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Cue the waterworks! This liner provides lasting definition that won't let you down. It's waterproof, smudge-proof, and super long-lasting. Use the precise applicator brush to create everything from subtle fine lines to bold dramatic looks.
Isododecane, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Trimethylpentanediol/Adipic Acid/Glycerin Crosspolymer , C11-12 Isoparaffin, Polypropylsilsesquioxane, C8-9 Isoparaffin, Trihydroxystearin, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid, Tocopherol, Black 2/CI 77266.
  • Long-lasting waterproof formula
  • Won’t skip, smudge, or streak

Product reviews

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    This is my go to if I need my liner to stay for a LONG time. I was on a bus trip for 3 days and it lasted ALL 3 DAYS! it looked perfect after wearing it for 3 full days and my regular eyeliner usually is faded by the time I get home! I wouldn't recommend if you don't want something long lasting but If you need something that will satay put, this is for you. (Tip: if you have a hard time with your bottom liner staying all day-like I do- put some of this on a smudge brush and wipe it along your bottom lash line. It works great!)

  • Eyeliner is great if you like felt tip brushes


    Here is an excellent review that will fully explain the pros and cons of this eyeliner.

  • I wish I could go lower on the rating. SO LET DOWN


    First off, I really love wet & wild. It's cheap and affordable for me since my boyfriend & I have just moved into our first place together in a new city and money is tight at the moment. Lately it seems like they're really putting quality products out that are competing with higher drugstore brands like Revlon and Maybelline. So when I saw my favourite ELF liquid eyeliner was out, I saw this as a cheap alternative. I mean, it's a liquid liner, it can't be so bad right?

    WRONG. OH GOD I WAS SO WRONG. The brush was stiff and hard to move. I work with customers and in a store front where my face needs to look presentable to customers. This damn liner got EVERYWHERE. ALL OVER. I had to SCRUB it off for 25+ minutes just to have a clear face at the end of the night. I love make up and doing it up everyday in a new way, this gets all over it. It doesn't dry. I even tried to put on a black eyeshadow overtop as a sort of top coat or powder top to set it. Nope. It was sticky and if it did dry a bit, it was sticky and would just run.

    I threw it out after a week of trying to make it work and bought my ELF liner online.

    Like I said, I REALLY love Wet & Wild. Cheap, affordable, nice quality for the price. I just wish I had such a good experience as others did with this product. I really do.

  • I love this eyeliner


    I will use nothing but this eyeliner!!! It's the best and never runs or smudges!

  • Bleeds to top of eyelid crease


    I have to say, I LOVE Wet n Wild products. So, when I saw this waterproof eyeliner, I bought it without hesitation.
    I am extremely disappointed. I applied my eyeliner, dried it with a hairdryer and even used primer before my eye shadow and liner.
    My eyeliner was dry when I left for work. However, now it feels sticky and has transferred the eyeliner onto my lid, (it looks like I have applied a line of eye liner directly onto my lid).
    I am bummed...my eyes are sticky and I have this line on my eye lid that I cannot get off.
    I will not be using this eyeliner and will be throwing it into the trash when I get home.
    Unfortunately, this IS NOT waterproof.

  • Liquid Eyeliner


    This eyeliner is very black and very easy to apply.

  • SERIOUSLY waterproof


    First of all, I don't know why so many people have trouble applying this. The applicator is super stiff, but as long as you don't have majorly twitchy eyes, it goes on like any other liquid eyeliner. It does take a while to dry, and if you need to make any corrections do it while it's wet, because once it dries it is difficult to remove. When I first used it, I was lazy and didn't try to take it off before I went to sleep, and when I woke up in the morning it was still perfect- no smears or smudging! I spend a lot of time in the ocean so I am excited to see if this eyeliner can hold up to a full day of surfing.

  • ummmmm


    well the actual product stays on unless its touched. If its touched it will run down your face. The applicator is so stiff you can barely work with it. If you are too rough you will hurt youself

  • Save money, try this stuff!


    This eyeliner is so easy to use, it stays on and looks good much longer than the Lancôme and other expensive stuff that I wasted money on. It is truly waterproof. Does not smudge!

  • LOVE!


    I was doing winged eyeliner before it became so popular, so I've tried many eyeliners. This one hardly runs or smudges, it doesn't peel. The felt tip has a nice point for control and precision. The only eye make up remover I can get it off with is an oil-free one by Equate.

  • There's A Secret For Applying This!


    This truly is amazingly h2o proof! If you notice, water isn'tveven the first ingredient. The way to get it not to run before it dries is this- first scrape any excess off on the edge of the vial. Next hold it it the air or gently wave around for about 10 seconds. This will slightly dry it so it won't run. Then just use as you normally would. I highly recommend Wet n Wild eyeshadow primer first. Apply that which any inexpensive eyeshadow sponge tip applicater.

  • Best Eyeliner


    This one will not budge off easily, perfect for hot summers.

  • WOW


    I've never had strong enough opinion to leave a review of a product, but wow, I love this. I've tried many eyeliners but none seem to meet my requirements: super black, lasts on my oily hooded eyes, isn't too expensive, and is cruelty free- except this one, of course. It's amazing! Better than the few high end ones i've tried. My only con is that it can be a pain to get off, but good makeup remover does the trick.

  • Terrible


    I hated this liner. The product is very goopy and the brush is not straight. Yes, it is water proof, but it's also makeup remover proof and everything else proof. OH yet, it runs smudges/runs down the sides of the eye. I seriously hate this liner.
    Only pro- super black pigment



    I'm a man who uses H20 Proof to fill in gaps and shape my side burns, I even touch up the gray on them. It works great! Some folks ask me, how long it took to grow such perfect side burns. I just shrug and say, forever. Hey, this is my secret.

  • Good, But could be improved


    This eyeliner is good but could use improvement. I love that is it waterproof, it lasts all day, dose not budge. But the problems I have with this is that because it is waterproof it dries to fast, it can make the eyelids feel like they have glue on them because for me it made them feel tight and a bit uncomfortable. Also if it gets onto your lashes well that turns into a big problem as it clumps the lashes up and the mascara cant fix them. Overall its good but could use a new formula maybe. Also the wand was big.

  • Pretty good


    This eyeliner is good but it's not perfect. The bottle doesn't clean off the wand part very well so you get a LOT of extra product on it and it can get messy so I always have to wipe it off and it's waste of eyeliner in my opinion. It's also REALLY watery so again, it's messy. It takes a pretty long time for it so completely dry down so you have to be careful not to move your eyes too much or you'll get it in places you don't want and it'll ruin your eyemakeup. It also stays kinda tacky. It doesn't bother me since it does completely dry, but it is strange that it stays sticky.

    All that aside it definitely has some pros. It's super dark, it lasts all day and it IS waterproof. I have super watery eyes and this doesn't budge.

    It does have its cons that take some getting used to but after you figure out how to work with it it's a great liner, especially for the price.

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