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Emily Eddington

Emily Eddington

If you’re familiar at all with the world of beauty blogging and tutorials, you know the name Emily Eddington. She embodies what it is to be a beauty guru: extensive beauty knowledge, honest reviews, clear information, articulate speech, and STUNNING looks. She’s also unbelievably sweet and humble. It’s no wonder she is as successful as she is with an ever-expanding fan base. She is also known as emilynoel63, Beauty Broadcast, and now (we are so very excited) wet n wild® beauty ambassador!

We are HUGE fans of hers and have been very fortunate to have her support of wet n wild® over the years. We can’t believe our luck to have her on board! Thanks Emily! Here’s to a great ambassadorship!

Here’s what Emily has to say about wet n wild®:

“For the 2010 Emily Awards: For my MVP for eyes, I wanted to give this to a product that has steadily improved since I've been using the brand. It’s wet n wild®’s Color Icon palettes. This is serious, this is good stuff. These are so pigmented, so rich. Seriously, seriously pigmented products. Drugstore shadows have been upping their game, and I think wet n wild® is leading the pack with palettes like these.”

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