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Beauty Ambassadors

You know how everyone has that friend they can go to for the best beauty and makeup advice? Just for you, we have gathered together "that friend" from all over the internet. They are our beauty ambassadors, and they are here to help you make your beauty dreams a reality. We can't wait to introduce you to them!

  • Leigh Ann

    Leigh Ann

    Try…. just TRY watching one of Leigh Ann’s vlogs without crushing on her quirky personality, humorous dialogue and beautiful sense of style! Our newest Beauty Ambassador hails from Houston Texas and loves to see the beauty in everything…especially big hair and false lashes!
  • Belinda Selene

    Belinda Selene

    We were so excited when Belinda Selene joined our ambassador team (hey, that kind of rhymed!), mostly because she is adorable, creative, and totally multi-faceted!
  • April Athena

    April Athena

    Ever have one of those days when you just feel down and out? Us too! But after watching April Athena on YouTube, we can’t help but feel like getting spruced up and taking on the world! April has this bright and optimistic outlook on life that radiates through her tutorials and into her recommendations, tips and tricks. Watch one video and you are practically guaranteed to be cheered up!
  • Emily Eddington

    Emily Eddington

    If you’re familiar at all with the world of beauty blogging and tutorials, you know the name Emily Eddington. She embodies what it is to be a beauty guru: extensive beauty knowledge, honest reviews, clear information, articulate speech, and STUNNING looks. She’s also unbelievably sweet and humble. It’s no wonder she is as successful as she is with an ever-expanding fan base. She is also known as emilynoel63, Beauty Broadcast, and now (we are so very excited) wet n wild® beauty ambassador!
  • Nouveau Cheap

    Nouveau Cheap

    Known as THE wet n wild® blogger all over the web, San Diego, CA based Gianna Nouveau (known across the internets as NouveauCheap) embodied a wet n wild® Beauty Ambassador before we ever came up with the program. She has been a loyal wet n wild® user for decades, ever since she first started using makeup, and you can tell how big a fan she is through her amazing blog, Nouveau Cheap, where she is committed to beauty on a budget.